Communication & Shared Experience

Good morning all art lovers.

Welcome to Sunday!

This week I was in a school with some children asking me questions about being an artist. The young people were in year 6 (10 and 11 years of age).

One girl asked me:
“How do you feel when someone sees something in your picture you didn’t think about when you painted it?”

I replied:
“I love it! Art and Literature are the opposite of each other:

When you read a book, everyone paints a different picture in their minds.

When you look at a painting, everyone tells a difference story in their minds.”

This is why creativity is so important, not just for the creator, but the viewer/participator.

Each person sees everything in their own unique way. We bring our narrative, history and experience and create an individual interpretation.

That’s why the creative arts are fundamentally about communication and shared experiences.

When we connect with a piece of art, there is no stronger emotion.

Have a wonderful day xx 😘

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Fi Marks

Fine artist and visual storyteller