Find Your Tribe

Good morning art lovers!

This gorgeous photograph popped up in my memories today. It’s from my fiftieth birthday party 🥳 What an amazing time we had.

As my fiftieth approached all my plans for trips to New York and beautiful hotels on the coast had to be shelved – they just weren’t feasible. So I decided to have a house party and invited friends old and new.

I was amazed as the replies came from all over the country – affirming attendance!

It was one of the best nights of my life – financially cost very little (everyone bought a bottle of champagne 🍾) but the night exploded with love and joy, as all my family and friends reunited and met.

Looking at this picture immediately brings back the joy and a smile to my lips.

What shall I do for my sixtieth I wonder?
Top of the list – a party with my tribe!

What are your happiest memories?

Have a wonderful day and go out and make those special days xx ❤️

Picture of Fi Marks

Fi Marks

Fine artist and visual storyteller