Happy Saturday!

Morning all from a wild and wet Derbyshire.

Happy Saturday xx

I’m so excited today I’m going to meet one of my oldest friends for lunch.

We met at University when we were 18 she was in the room next door. She’s one of the funniest people I know so will be great to catch up and have some laughs.

I keep promising to dig out some more photos of my acting days and I will!

Then last night I was chatting to one of my newest friends- an artist friend in New Zealand as we hatched plans to write to Oprah Winfrey to promote our artwork! You never know we may still do it!

It just made me reflect how amazing it is to have new friends and old. People come into our lives like good condiments. They spice it up and enhance the flavour.

I think the pandemic has made us appreciate them more and treasure our times together.

Friends wrap us up and treasure us and special memories made together.

Have a wonderful day art lovers xx 😘

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Fi Marks

Fine artist and visual storyteller