Angel 2023

In twilight’s gentle,
hushed embrace they soar,
Angels of the night,
their grace we can’t ignore.
With wings of moonlight and eyes of stardust gleam,
Guardians unseen in our world’s endless dream. They dance in shadows,
whisper on the breeze,
Guiding lost souls through life’s turbulent seas.
Their love a beacon,
pure and ever bright,
In the darkest hours,
they bring us to the light.
 Angels of compassion,
with hearts so vast,
 In their tender arms,
our fears are cast.
They weave a tapestry of hope and care,
In their gentle presence,
we find solace rare.
 No creed or doctrine binds these beings free, Their essence flows in our humanity.
In acts of kindness, their presence we invoke,
For angels, in our hearts, forever stoke.


Angel 2023
 Acrylic paint on box canvas
 61cm x 61cm
 24” x 24”