Mother Love – Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft

I was not a delicate flower at all – I never had been – but a tall birch that bowed with the wind, whose leaves shimmered in any light, and shuddered at a breeze as small as a whisper.

Samantha Silva, Love and Fury: A Novel of Mary Wollstonecraft

Sorrow, my sweet girl, will bring you to your knees, time and again, but so will beauty, so too love, enough to rise again, to try again to live as all beings wish to live: free.

Samantha Silva, Love and Fury: A Novel of Mary Wollstonecraft

“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.” “My own sex, I hope, will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their fascinating graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone.”

Mary Wollstonecraft

How much does an absent parent in childhood influence the abandoned son or daughter?
This painting captures the power of their relationship of the absent mother.
Mary Wollstonecraft (often known as the first feminist) died 11 days after giving birth to her daughter Mary Shelley.
Because of this tragedy, as Mary Shelley would have only known her mother through her legacy of writing and through her father also a radical writer of the eighteenth century.
Mother love is all powerful be it shared or withdrawn.
Our experience of our relationship with our mother whatever that entails, makes us who we are today.
So often we crave mother love when it has disappeared out of our lives. It is that craving that is shown in this piece of art.


“Mother Love – Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft”
51cm x 75cm
20” x 30”
Acrylic Paint and gel medium on box canvas