The calm before the storm – Miranda

My life began upon an island, wrapped in the enchantment of my father’s magic. I am Miranda, daughter to Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan.
I cannot recall a time beyond this serene isle, where every breeze carried tales of wonder and every tree whispered secrets of the world. Father always shielded me from the harsh realities beyond our haven. His love and teachings shaped my world, painting a picture of a utopian existence.
Yet, curiosity bubbled within me, craving to unfold the mysteries veiled beyond the shores.
 One fateful day, a tempest graced our island, summoning a ship and its passengers, strangers from a realm unknown to me. Among them stood a young man, Ferdinand, a sight that stirred unfamiliar feelings within my heart. Encountering him, my innocence collided with affection, birthing sensations I had never known.
 Our meeting, orchestrated by my father’s unseen hand, unraveled a love that bloomed like the rarest flower in our isolated garden.
 As Ferdinand and I navigated the labyrinth of emotions, each passing moment revealed the richness of life beyond the confines of our island.
I discovered the complexities of human nature, the fleeting beauty of affection, and the poignant longing for a world unexplored. Amidst the play of fate and my father’s intricate plans, Ferdinand and I forged a bond unbreakable, transcending the boundaries of our disparate worlds.
 The tempest that brought him to our shores heralded not just a storm at sea, but a tempest of emotions within me, reshaping my perception of love, humanity, and the enigmatic realm lying beyond our island sanctuary.


“Calm Before the Storm – Miranda”
61cm x 61cm
24” x 24”
 Acrylic on box canvas