The Female Wits

 English theatres had been shut for 18 years in 1660 under Puritan rule. They reopened when Charles Stuart was restored to the throne, and drama flourished, with a constant stream of new plays and playwrights.
This include the first women writing for the stage. Amongst those were Aphra Behn, Delarivier Manley, Mary Pix, Susan Centlivre and Catherine Trotter all playwrights “The Female Wits” pays tribute to these pioneering women and incredible role models.
Aphra Behn was a pioneering figure in English literature, particularly known for being one of the first professional female writers in English. Born in the 17th century (1640s), she gained fame as a playwright, poet, translator, and novelist.
 Behn’s works often explored themes of gender, power, and sexuality, challenging societal norms of her time. Her most famous play is “The Rover,” a Restoration comedy known for its wit, intrigue, and exploration of sexual politics.
Behn’s writing paved the way for future generations of female writers, and she remains an influential figure in literary history. In the 18th century, female playwrights faced significant challenges due to societal norms that often discouraged women from engaging in public roles such as writing for the stage.
 However, despite these obstacles, several notable female playwrights emerged during this period.


“The Female Wits” The women who refused to be silenced! A painting to empower all And make anything possible!
 150cm x 100cm
60” x 40”
 Acrylic on box canvas