Take the Plunge

Good morning all xx

“Take the plunge!”

How much of a risk taker are you?

The best things in my life have happened when I’ve taken that plunge!

I remember in my late twenties, wishing I had someone to see the world with me! Then thinking, you have! Your best friend- yourself!

So I made it happen, even ended up teaching for a year in Tasmania.

When I bought my first flat in South London, I was terrified! But wow, how much did I love that flat, and know that no landlord could suddenly decide I had to move out.

Moving to Derbyshire was huge. I left all my London friends behind. But now absolutely adore it.

Becoming a professional artist – best leap I’ve ever made. I love my life and new friends and clients.

Don’t be scared,
Listen to your inner voice,
Go make yourself happy,
Regret nothing!

Photograph by Tony Fisher
Model – Hammie!! Xx ❤️

Picture of Fi Marks

Fi Marks

Fine artist and visual storyteller