VIP Offer

You've done it; you've reached a milestone in your life or business and it's time to celebrate!

But you don’t want what anyone else has – you want something special, something as remarkable as you are.

It’s time to celebrate with a bespoke Fi Marks art VIP Portrait Experience. This is your chance to join in the creation of a custom, one of a kind, painting of you or someone you admire.

Art lives on through the ages, a legacy to be passed down through your family. An original Fi Marks painting is one that is a unique and powerful reminder of your life’s accomplishments.

Imagine how impressive your office or space will feel with your beautiful painting hanging in a place of honour. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of how far you’ve come in life. Because Fi Marks art is so unique, visitors will be awestruck by the art.

With this special VIP Offer you get:
💗 a custom portrait painted on stretched canvas 60cmx90cm
💗 a full consultation via Zoom (or face to face where possible) before the work begins, so you can share your portrait desires with Fi
💗 ongoing updates, including private live calls while Fi is painting, so that you can be a part of the process
💗 a private reveal of your art before anyone else sees it
💗 if you’re in the UK, personal delivery, hanging advice, and a champagne unveiling for family, friends and colleagues
💗 priority support during the process, from start to finish

This is an amazing opportunity to work one on one with Fi Marks to make the portrait you’ve been dreaming of. One that celebrates you and your life in a big way.

Due to the special attention the Fi Marks VIP Portrait Experience requires, only 3 spots are available per year.

Only £1,499. Contact Fi directly to book.